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A.B.M. Tool & Die Co. Ltd. is at the forefront of modern technology in the design and manufacture of stamped metal parts, automated and welded assemblies.

Since the founding of our company in 1969, A.B.M. Tool and Die has consistently provided unmatched quality, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and uncompromising customer service.

Value-added services are the most important part of what we provide and what set us apart.

Our modern facilities house presses from 120 tons to 1400 tons providing progressive and servo automated transfer stamping services, including robot welders and automated assembly.

We build everything from complex progressive dies to fully automated transfer dies in our fully staffed and fully equipped modern tool room. Other in-house capabilities include prototyping, die build, automation equipment design and build.

A.B.M. can take your design concept and supply a single component or a full sub-assembly.

We have 3 convenient locations to support your business:

  • 100,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility in Brampton, ON, Canada
  • 20,000 sq. ft. New Tool Build Facility in Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • 100,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility in San Luis Potosi, SLP, Mexico


Metal Stamping Capabilities:

  • Presses from 120 - 1400 Tons with large beds up to 288"
  • 10 Servo automated transfer systems
  • Progressive stampings
  • Multiple in-die stamping/assemblies
  • 150 + in-die tapping units in service
  • Tube forming and swaging
  • Exclusive "material thickening process"
  • Capable of producing "dual-layer" & dual-phase stampings
  • In-die compression assembly
  • Flooded stampings
  • Stampings up to 1/2" thick

A.B.M's stamping capacity is designed to handle large volume production runs with the flexibility to produce stamped parts ranging in size from small to medium and medium-large, from simple to the most complex designs.

Value-Added Services:

  • Welding: 15+ servo driven robotic welding cells (projection, spot, MIG) and resistance welding
  • Additional Processing: orbital riveting, staking, crimping
  • Automation: automation assembly cells

A.B.M. Tool and Die invests on an ongoing basis into modern technology to keep abreast of the latest innovations that can enhance quality, reduce production time, and improve cost efficiency.

Automated assembly, automated welding cells, and robotic machinery, designed specifically to handle complex operations, are part of our hi-tech manufacturing process.


In-house tool and die designers along with CAD/CAM programmers offer their expertise utilizing the industry's latest software for today's stamped metal parts manufacturing.

Incremental forming simulation software is used to identify problematic areas for every station in the tool before manufacturing.

Kinematics motion studies for tooling are completed to check for interferences and/ or potential collisions before manufacturing.

In close teamwork with its customers, A.B.M. will provide all the necessary designs - in detail - to be forwarded to our tooling and manufacturing operations.

Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VA/VE) helps to create cost effective solutions and better designs for manufacturability.

A.B.M. Tool & Die has the capability to help you in the design and development of new products or engineering changes to existing parts.

Our team is ready to work with yours to come up with the best solutions.


A.B.M.'s tooling division has all the design and manufacturing capabilities to build tools from the beginning of an idea or computer drawing.

Fully staffed and fully equipped modern tool room with all the necessary facilities, A.B.M. builds everything from complex progressive dies to fully automated transfer dies.

We have several in-house professional and mechanical engineers to design dies, equipment, product design, and provide customer support.

In-house machining capacity includes multi-axis vertical and horizontal boring, EDM machining and water jet cutting.

Our extensive high-tech equipment is run by experienced and skilled machine operators who work in close contact with engineering and quality control.

Tool and die makers support the manufacturing of automation equipment, tool buildings, jigs, fixtures, and fabrications.

Major investments in modern technology have positioned A.B.M. Tool and Die at an elite level within the tool and die industry.

The emphasis is on long die-life, in-press serviceability, and maintenance friendly tooling.


Our quality engineers are actively involved at the planning stage of all new projects, providing valuable contributions to GD & T analysis, fixture design and process manufacturing versus process capability concepts.

Providing our customers with Tooling Qualification Reports, full AIAG, PPAP's and any further documents requested, has been a part of our service for more than a decade.


Our manufacturing division is backed up by Quality Assurance and Inventory Control to ensure compliance with all customer specifications, and we are ISO 9001 compliant and IATF 16949 certified.

A.B.M. Tool & Die strives to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements through the supply of high-quality metal stampings, assemblies, and tooling.

The company monitors its performance in the key areas such as internal and external PPM and on-time delivery for the outputs of customer related processes. By establishing goals and continuously improving to achieve them, the company ensures customer satisfaction.

We are constantly looking to find ways to streamline manufacturing to cut production time and to reduce cost per part. A.B.M. will translate innovative ideas into workable technology to gain an advantage for the customer's benefit.

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